Booking Conditions

The participant admits that they do not have any physical, mental or illness problems prior to the activity. In case of suffering from any illness or injury he is obliged to inform the company, in order to assess the situation or cancel the activity.

    It is necessary to to pay an advance to reserve the activity for bank transfer or similar method. The reservation will become effective in the moment to receive the revenue. In case of the reservation annulled or someone doesn’t arrive the anticipation it will not be returned. Paying the total amount or the anticipation he accepts the conditions here written.
    In case of needing a vehicle for the transport, the client will have to use his personal vehicle. The payment must be realized before start the activity. The company reserves the right to change total or partially the program for meteorological reasons ó hydrological adverse, proposing another activity of similar characteristics. In case of suspend the activity by meteorological, hydrological changes, accident or for safety reasons, if there has not excelled the half of the duration of the activity, it will be returned to the client 50 % of the total cost. If  has spent more than 50 % of the total time, the amount to pay will be 100 %. In case of not being able to replace the activity with other one of the same characteristics, with reasons of major force, 75 % of the cost will be returned to the client.
    The amount of the activities and / or the programs of several activities will be paid entirely before the first activity.

The amounts paid will not be returned.

If the client cancels the previously contracted activity, he must pay 100% of the activity if he does not come or cancel 24h before.


Gift vouchers are valid for 360 days from the time of purchase.
In case of having reserved the date, if it is cancelled, canceled, or does not show up for the activity, the amount/s paid will not be refunded.


YOU WILL NOT REALIZE THE ACTIVITIES UNDER THE EFFECT OF THE ALCOHOL OR DRUGS. In case of not carry out the activity for these reasons the amount will not be returned in any case. In case the client for not having the indispensable necessary material (sneakers), or for not fulfilling anyone of the conditions necessary for the development of the activity, is excluded from this one, the amount of the activity will not be returned.

Guías Buenaventura  has the obligatory insurances for the sports activities as established leyes; insurances of civil responsibility and accidents, W.R. Berkley España. Brokerage of Insurances Urquia*Bas and Mutua Tarrassa.

Canyoneering and climbing are sports of risk. Guias Buenaventura does not take responsibility for the activities on their own account derived from the contents of the web, the blog, etc., or from the errors in the texts, photos, or sketches. The copying or dissemination of photos and contents without permission of the author is not permitted.

Container drums are quite safe, but (although it is not usual) water can enter, due to being poorly closed, a blow, etc.
We recommend not putting valuables inside, only food and clothing. Some objects can be carried by the guide (for example, car keys), or left in the vehicle, in the office, etc.
Guias Buenaventura is not responsible for the objects deposited in the box.

Guías Buenaventura has a book of claims available to customers. You can also contact the company at .