Among all the different sports that can be practiced in the Sierra de Guara, climbing is definitely one of the most exciting activities you can do.

We suggest a half day experience climbing up the rock faces around Alquezar, learning how to climb on natural rock, both ascending and rappelling – abseiling – different routes while hold from above with a tight rope at all times.

We’ll select very easy routes to start with and progressively we’ll move on to more difficult ones. The aim is to have you climb from the very first moment and to make you aware of your own limits without making it a frustrating experience.

So, if you ever considered trying your hand at climbing, don’t miss out on this opportunity!


    • It is not necessary to have previous experience.


    -The activity includes:

    • Guide specialized.

    • Technical material necessary for the development of activities.

    • Accident and health insurance.

    • Support vehicle for car combination.


    -For this activities you’ll have to bring:

    • Your own car, depending of the activity.

    • Comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movements.

    • Sport shoes or walking boots

    • Mountain shoes, sport shoes or similar.

    • Pic-nic (sándwich, 1/2l. of wáter, chocolate or similar…).


    1/2 DAY: 4H

    1 DAY: 8H

  • COST

    1/2 DAY: 70€/PAX

    1 DAY: 75€/PAX