This is an enjoyable activity that can be done in the Sierra de Guara: the ascent of the Via Ferratas.

A Via Ferrata is a protected climbing route going through a rock face which is fitted with some climbing aids such as a railing, iron rungs and pegs to help us progress along it. Safety is guaranteed by a steel cable railing running all along the route to which you’ll always be linked by a climbing harness. This way we’ll be able to climb up safely to otherwise inaccessible spots.

For those of you who’re considering climbing a via ferrata for the first time, we suggest an easy path. As you progress along the route, you’ll enjoy the outstanding landscape while crossing bridges and walking up stairs step by step.

An expert guide and our top-notch equipment mean you’ll relish clambering up these ‘aerial paths’.


    • It is not necessary to have previous  experience.

    • Minimum age 6.


    -The activity includes:

    • Guide specialized.

    • Technical material necessary for the development of activities.

    • Accident and health insurance.

    • Support vehicle for car combination.


    -For this activities you’ll have to bring:

    • Your own car, depending of the activity.

    • Sport Clothes and Mountain shoes.

    • Pic-nic (sándwich, 1/2l. of wáter, chocolate or similar…).


    • 3H

  • COST

    Level I: 2 person= 60€/per. – 3 person= 50€/per. – 4 person= 45€/per.

    Level II: 2 person= 60€/per.– 3 person= 55€/per. – 4 person= 50€/per.