Pasarelas Vero River- Alquezar

The route of the Alquézar footbridges goes into a landscape of enormous beauty, it crosses the final stretch of the Vero River Canyon by comfortable sections of footbridges and stairs suspended in the air. It is here that there is a perfect combination between the rock, the water and nature.

Along the route besides an interesting geology you can see numerous botanical species of great interest, many of them protected for their high ecological value.

The views over the canyon and the possibility to cool off in the clean and crystal clear waters are the main attractions of this interesting and beautiful route.


    The Route of the Alquézar footbridges is a walk proposal that stands out for the uniqueness of the natural environment in which it is inscribed, the famous canyon of the Vero River, one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Aragon.


    -To have an adequate physical form.
    -Do not have vertigo


    – Mountain Guide Specialized in Observation and Interpretation of Nature

    – Technical material necessary for the development of the activity.

    -Insurance of Accidents and Assistance.


    -Sports shoes.

    -In summer Swimsuit and footwear that can get wet (closed, tied with laces, better thick sole).

    -Cream sun, sunglasses and / or visor.


    -Lunch (sandwiches, water, nuts, chocolate …)


    3 H

    It includes the approach, the return, stops to eat … etc


From 4 to 10 people: € 20 / person (VAT included)
From 11 to 20 people: € 15 per person (VAT included)
From 21 to 30 people: € 10 / person (VAT included)
Groups Consult discounts.